I admire the way a Mexican restaurant works. I’ve eaten at many, and the service is always quick, the food plentiful and delicious, and the bill still reasonable. It’s almost a guarantee. That’s why never having eaten there, I invited some colleagues to lunch at Fiesta, Café, and Cantina, in Edwards, Colorado. As expected, the experience was welcoming, filling, and lip-smacking good.

My partner, Bob, loves chiles rellenos, a stuffed poblano pepper with cheese, sometimes potatoes, and in this instance with rice and chicken. It takes patience, some work, and love to cook chiles rellenos, so a busy family, even a Mexican family rarely enjoys this most typical and delightful dish at home.  I had a taste and recommended it at Fiesta.

Sizzling Veggies

Although not vegan, I ordered the sizzling veggies for lighter lunch fare.  The veggies al dente and brilliant in color satisfied my appetite. 

Blue Corn chicken Enchiladas

Our lunch guest had blue corn chicken enchiladas, which made me jealous.  They looked fantastic.

Tres Leches Cakes and fried Ice Cream

Desert came complimentary and much appreciated. We were all stuffed, but polished off the tres leches cake, made with heavy cream, sweetened condensed milk and evaporated milk, and the fried ice cream, always fun!

The bar at Fiesta! offers fine tequilas

Stop by Fiesta for lunch or dinner, you’ll leave full, satisfied and a rarity in our pricy valley, with some change.  The restaurant, located at Edwards Plaza, just off I-70, also features a lively bar with a full assortment of fine tequilas.