El Pan Nuestro

Azteca Bakery
Mexica pastry shop
57 Edwards Access Rd
Edwards, CO 81632

When visiting my in-laws in the little town of Contla, about two hours south of Guadalajara, my favorite moment comes early morning. When I wake up, birds sing, and the cool morning invites a stroll. I volunteer to walk three blocks to the local panaderia for a freshly baked birote. Mexican bakers don’t just make tortillas.

Birote is a Mexican bread inspired by early French colonialists. It looks like a fat baguette, golden crust and soft airy dough. It’s endemic to Jalisco, but you can find it at Azteca Bakery in Edwards, Colorado as well.

At my in-law’s, we would tear handful off the birote loaf and dip it into bitter hot chocolate as morning repast.  Another popular presentation is the torta ahogada (drowning cake) where they open birote like a hoagie, stuff with shredded pork and drown in jitomate and chile.


Family run, Azteca sells all manner of Mexican pastry treats, from conchas (glazed sponge cake, pictured) to orejas (sweet puff pastry) and trenzas (a holiday sweet bread).

You will fun at Azteca, try the tradition breads of Mexico (besides tortillas) and enjoy the family.